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Julissa Disher
Julissa Disher joined the community.
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4 hours ago
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Rueben Maum
Rueben Maum joined the community.
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6 hours ago
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Shannon Brien
Shannon Brien joined the community.
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8 hours ago
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Dean Davis
Dean Davis wrote on Jess McCourt's profile...
Jess, welcome to this community. You will find many interesting people and ideas here on this site. Browse around and ask questions.
If you go to the top of the Dashboard, and click Explore, then click Forum, you will find at the bottom a thread named FAQ's. Near the top of that are some HELP thread... View More
Jess McCourt
Jess McCourt joined the community.
Trafim Sitnikoff
Trafim Sitnikoff joined the community.
Valerie Fuchser
Valerie Fuchser joined the community.
Joseph Farkasdi
Joseph Farkasdi added a new comment on their own blog.
Think you misunderstand me, Stan. I am refuting "Confirmation Bias" and "Authority heuristic" in my responses. Apparently, I still need more practice on getting such across, for by your response I am apparently not achieving this. Interesting, and will have to study this further. You have it correct... View More
Stan Ellis
In your response, you demonstrate (via your own quotes) the following that exemplifies equivocation plus authoritarian & confirmation bias. I will not embarrass you by enumerating all the equivocation and heuristic dogma you attempt to proclaim. In summation, your dogmatic perceptions are quite Guru... View More
May 8, 2015
Stan Ellis
Stan Ellis added a new comment on Joseph Farkasdi's blog.
Joseph, I don’t see anyone refuting the selected physics you use to support your belief. What I do see are equivocations that suggest your conclusions are rife with “Confirmation Bias,” defined as a heuristic that leads a person with a particular belief to perceive observations & evidence as reinfor... View More
Stan Ellis
Stan Ellis added a new comment on their own blog.
Active/Passive creation with no beginning/end and rising human vibration (the shift) all reflects patterns falling into a developing order that implies higher intelligence directive toward on-going proactive harmony. Thanks James, for adding another layer of astute perception and awareness.
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