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Tami Rizzo
Tami Rizzo joined the community.
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6 hours ago
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Michele Molitor
Michele Molitor joined the community.
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8 hours ago
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Jan Scully
Jan Scully joined the community.
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10 hours ago
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paul cross
paul cross added a new comment on Simona Falticeanu's profile.
You're welcome Simona. Canada is equally well. I am actually American but retired and living in Brasil, my wife's homeland. Working a long way from home. Must be quite interesting to experience the differences and the similarities that exist. You'll be able to have a couple perspectives perhaps. I k... View More
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Yesterday, 1:31 am
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Diana Nemet
Diana Nemet joined the community.
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Yesterday, 1:26 am
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paul cross
paul cross added a new comment on their own bulletin.
Excellent outlook Leon. And is indicative of the difference between prayer and intention perhaps. As James has eluded to prayer is rather an asking of a deity and intention is a willing of internal thoughts, desires, feelings, etc. We cannot of course preclude that prayer is not a viable source of d... View More
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Yesterday, 1:05 am
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paul cross
paul cross added a new comment on Joseph Farkasdi's blog.
Obviously the basis of what you are contemplating in this post is at the heart of the 2 slit experiment in which observation has an effect upon the consequences of atoms passing through as a particle or as a wave form. But do we not have to use our thought process to decide to observe? If we decide ... View More
entel joined the community.
Wexler Smith
Wexler Smith joined the community.
astrid maria boshuisen
astrid maria boshuisen joined the community.
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