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Wilbert Halliday
Wilbert Halliday joined the community.
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5 hours ago
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julia joined the community.
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10 hours ago
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Kevin Leo-Grote
Kevin Leo-Grote joined the community.
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11 hours ago
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Bulan Sarkar
Bulan Sarkar joined the community.
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15 hours ago
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Windy Busch
Windy Busch joined the community.
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16 hours ago
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Stan Ellis
Stan Ellis added a new comment on paul cross's bulletin.
Paul, thanks for the thought provoking post. My observations are similar to yours. I was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian household, but never adopted the foundational principals. For me Religions are man-made attempts to conceptualize our source of our creation. I was raised to worship this... View More
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19 hours ago
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Son Broadhurst
Son Broadhurst joined the community.
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23 hours ago
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paul cross
paul cross added a new bulletin "Intentions and prayers".
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Yesterday, 1:58 am
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Dean Davis
Dean Davis added a new comment on Rita Maye's profile.
Happy Birthday Rita! Do something special for yourself and enjoy the day!Heart
Daniel Caputi
Daniel Caputi joined the community.
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